We dream of healthier generations.

We fight hunger and poverty in pursuance of our dream. Join us to help us carry out our dream and mission.

Donors and volunteers infuse Banco de Alimentos capital - volunteers individuals, foundations, for-profit and non for profit corporations.

Banco de Alimentos Puerto Rico operates thanks to the generosity of the food industry, individuals and corporations coming together to mitigate hunger. Through these donors, we facilitate and maximize our direct impact on the less advantaged.


Collaborate AS A


Those who help us help

Join this group of socially conscious companies and be generous to

those who need it most.

The food industry provides the largest share of the products we distribute. Donations are delivered to our affiliated entities, which in turn distribute them directly to thousands of people throughout the Island. Being able to work with these partners facilitates and maximizes our impact on the less fortunate. We alleviate hunger in Puerto Rico and we help reduce food waste.


Collaborate as a


Join the hands that feed

The program strengthens volunteering culture

to mitigate hunger in Puerto Rico.

We give our volunteers an enriching experience. We appreciate the participation of individuals, students, corporate groups and visitors who invest their time to help those in need. The work of warehousing, identifying, segregating and inspecting food is done by volunteers. You can be one of them.


As a donor

of products or services

Your donation goes beyond mitigating hunger.

With every $10 you contribute; Banco de Alimentos de Puerto Rico can serve eight meals to those who need it.

We need your help to reach families in Puerto Rico who suffer from food insecurity. It is easy. With a click you can help us to prevent someone from going to bed hungry.